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TankDriversUnlimited.com scouts for locations all across the country. Currently we have over 150 wash locations for you to find and contact. The wash itself will have a page dedicated to it where you can find the address and phone number. If you don’t see a wash you’re familiar visiting, please contact our team.

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A semi truck, rat-rod cross that just has to be seen

A custom-built semi truck, rat rod hybrid makes an appearance in the cool video.  In the clip, the rig shows off its sound and unique build in someone’s garage somewhere. However, people in the comments say it drives around town on occasion, and it’s equally impressive.  “I know the guy who owns it actually just […]

Delivery driver does what he can to keep an elderly woman’s feet dry

A delivery driver in the UK did what he could to help an elderly woman braving a flooded street in this video.  In the clip, the Bid Food truck driver lowers his liftgate and hits reverse on a narrow, partially flooded street, creating a makeshift bridge for a woman attempting to get to her car […]

No vehicles hit, passengers expected to recover after small plane lands on highway

Four people were hurt on Thursday afternoon after a small plane made an emergency landing on an illinois interstate.  The incident occurred on May 13th on the Veterans Memorial Tollway in New Lenox. According to CBS Chicago, the plane made an emergency landing due to “unknown mechanical issues” after taking off from Lewis University airport […]