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Tank Drivers Unlimited is a means of a filling a gap in the tanker industry. For years tanker companies have spent millions of dollars in a wide range of marketing strategies (i.e. newspapers, drivers digest, and internet) just to name a few, with hopes of finding qualified drivers. Also, drivers spend a lot of time trying to locate companies that they can call home.

There are many driver digest in truck stops, however, more than 99.9% of them are targeted to van, and flatbed drivers. This is where Tank Drivers Unlimited stands out compared to the entire digest industry.

Tank Drivers Unlimited is the only driver digest that is designed for the tanker driver and tanker companies.

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We currently have a distribution network of 237 tank wash location and 870 major truck stops near our tanker truck tank wash network, 95 trailer repair locations and 98 TWIC offices.

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