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Steering Wheel Sun Reflector

                                        (Don’t grab a hot wheel)

Reflects Ultra violet rays
Double insulation  helps reduces temperature of steering wheel
Helps prevent fading and cracking
Fits up to 20 inch wheel.

Have you ever used one of those shades in your wind shield to prevent the sun from heating your car? Are you still wondering why your steering wheel is so hot you can barely touch it or hold it?

The answer is because the sun also comes in from the side windows.

This cover has an outer layer made from a highly reflective material that will reflect the ultra violet rays. With an inner double lining of heat resist to decrease the sun’s rays from increasing the temperature of the steering wheeling and enable you to hold the steering wheel.

This cover will also help to prevent the cracking and fading, that comes from exposure to the sun.

Also covers the back of the steering wheel, not just the front.

Very flexible for easy installment. (No more fighting with the big windshield covers).

Easy to fold or roll and store in the glove box or door compartment.

Fits up to 20-inch steering wheel.Type your paragraph here.